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Club profile

Club Charter WSKLuM

  • A nonprofit organization chartered under Belgian Law and Belgian Air Force guidance. Return proceeds from operations to water sport infrastructure.
  • Member of KBYV (Royal Belgian Yachting Association) and the WWSV (Wind- en Watersport Vlaanderen vzw), a recognized Sport Organization by the Flemish Ministry of Sport Sport Vlaanderen .
  • Co creator/organizer of the annual NIEUWPOORTWEEK internationally recognized sailing festival.
  • Along with the city of Nieuwpoort, Stad Nieuwpoort and the sister clubs K.Y.CN. and VVW form the supervising body for water sports and water activities in the Nieuwpoort basin/yacht harbour.
  • Co-Organizer of the NZK (North Sea Championship).
  • Reference: the many satisfied visitors who visit our Club during the summer months again and again.


What have Flying and Sailing in common

Michaël VAN SCHOOR is professor of physics at the Belgian Royal Mililtary School.

He has been a member since 1987 from our association. He became a member of the board in 2007.

The Board of Directors has appointed on 26/5/2018 Michaël Van Schoor as Chairman of the WSKLuM vzw.

We congratule him on this appointment.

Max DE BAERE, Commander-Pilot (ret)  has been the faithfull assistant of the President since the late seventies; he has been in charge for the operational running of the association.

Max De Baere was an aircraft commander on Seaking Helicopter in the 40th Search and Rescue Squadron at Koksijde Air base.

His heart goes to sailing and to his Club, the Belgian Air Force Yacht Club.

Michel HANTON, Luitenant-Ter-Zee 1st Class ret., had a career of 37 years with the Belgian Navy. In total he was boarded for 29 years.He was employed on all types of ships of our Navy, from the mine-hunters to frigates. As part of an exchange program, he was boarded for 2 years on board of a Royal Navy frigate. He was commander of Zenobe Gramme for 5 years, the training sailing ship of the Belgian Navy. Michel has been an avid sailor with years of experience. We congratulate him on his appointment on 25/1/2014 as Chairman of the WSKLuM, the Belgian Air Force Yacht Club. Michel resigned as Chairman and member of the board on 26/2/2018. The Board of Directors granted Michel the title of honorary president on 28/5/2018.

Marcel TERRASSON, Lieutenant-General Pilot (ret) and "Past Commandant of the Belgian Tactical Air Force" , is since 1982 president of the "vzw Watersportkring van de Luchtmacht Nieuwpoort" and from 1993 till 2000 President of the Royal Belgian Yachting Association. On 25/1/2014 he was succeeded by Michel Hanton. Marcel Terrasson received on May 5th 2014 the tittle of Honorary President. Marcel Terrasson died on October 7, 2016. We thank him for what he meant for our Club.