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Storm surge barrier Nieuwpoort

This spring AMDK will start with the preparations for the construction of the storm surge barrier in the port channel of Nieuwpoort.
This must protect the city and the hinterland from high water levels in severe storms.
Click on the image and see how such a storm surge barrier works.

Latest news from AMDK  February 19, 2018
The works on behalf of the Nieuwpoort storm surge barrier were started on 15 February. The first half of 2018 concerns mainly study work and preparatory works on the site (construction site, soundings, break-up works). The piling on the current conduction walls (from the water) will start at the end of May / beginning of June.
During the execution of the works, 35m will always be available as a passage for shipping, with the exception of a few moments, such as when the threshold is lowered, the reassembly is mounted, ..
These moments of blocking will not yet occur in 2018 and will be requested in time by the contractor and discussed with the sector .